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buy ketamine hcl online, Ketamine is used by medical practitioners and veterinarians as an anaesthetic. It is sometimes used illegally by people to get high. Buy Ketamine Injection Online Without Prescription.

Ketamine can produce psychedelic effects, causing a person to see, hear, smell, feel or taste things that aren’t really there or are different from how they are in reality. buy ketamine hcl online

Other names
Special K, K, ket, kitkat, super k, horse tranquilliser or horse trank.
How is Ketamine used?

Ketamine hcl can be swallowed, snorted or injected. It is also sometimes smoked with cannabis or tobacco. The effects of ketamine may be experienced within 30 seconds if injected, 5–10 minutes if snorted, and up to 20 minutes if swallowed. The effects of ketamine can last for approximately 45 to 90 minutes. Buy Ketamine Injection Online Without Prescription.
Effects of ketamine

There is no safe level of drug use. Use of any drug always carries some risk. It’s important to be careful when taking any type of drug.

Ketamine affects everyone differently, based on:

size, weight and health
the amount taken
the strength of the drug (varies from batch to batch).

The following effects may be experienced:

feeling happy and relaxed
feeling detached from your body (‘falling into a k-hole’)
confusion and clumsiness


If you take a large amount or have a strong batch, you could overdose. Call an ambulance straight away by dialing triple zero (000) if you have any of these symptoms (ambulance officers don’t need to involve the police):

inability to move, rigid muscles
high body temperature, fast heartbeat
coma and ‘near death’ experiences

Coming down

In the day following ketamine use, you may be experience:

Long-term effects

Regular use of ketamine may eventually cause:

flashbacks poor sense of smell (from snorting) mood and personality changes, depression poor memory, thinking and concentration
ketamine bladder syndrome (see below) abdominal pain needing to use more to get the same effect dependence on ketamine financial, work and social problems. Ketamine bladder syndrome

Large, repeated doses of ketamine may eventually cause ‘ketamine bladder syndrome’, a painful condition needing ongoing treatment. Symptoms include difficulty holding in urine, incontinence, which can cause ulceration in the bladder. Anyone suffering from ketamine bladder syndrome needs to stop using ketamine and see a health professional. Buy Ketamine Injection Online Without Prescription.

Using ketamine with other drugs

The effects of taking ketamine with other drugs– including over-the-counter or prescribed medications – can be unpredictable and dangerous, and could cause:

Ketamine + alcohol or opiates: lack of awareness of effects of the depressant drugs, which may lead to taking too much and vomiting, slowed breathing, coma and death.
Ketamine + amphetamines, ecstasy and cocaine: enormous strain on the body, which can lead to fast heart rate.


Withdrawal symptoms usually last for 4-6 days. These symptoms can include: buy ketamine hcl online

cravings for ketamine
no appetite
chills, sweating
restlessness, tremors
nightmares, anxiety, depression
irregular and rapid heartbeat.

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