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Morphine Sulfate Injection, Non-prescription morphine use is very dangerous due to the opiate’s high potential for addiction, overdose, and death.

The side effects of morphine generally involve sedation of the central nervous system and closely match the side effects of other opioid analgesics including hydrocodone, oxycodone, tramadol, and others. The sedating effects can lead to various methods of abuse.

Injecting Morphine

The process of injection can lead to a variety of health risks, including:

an elevated risk of overdose and death
exposure to infectious diseases including HIV and Hepatitis B and C from non-sanitary needles
skin infections, abscesses, and lesions due to poor sterilization technique
track marks, or permanent scarring around injection sites
rapid, severe morphine dependence and addiction

Smoking Morphine

Another option for morphine drug abuse involves preparing the tablets and heating them in tinfoil.

However, while it’s true that other forms of ingestion introduce the drug to the body more slowly than injection, that difference is relatively small and the drug remains just as addictive, dangerous, and habit-forming.

Smoking morphine can also cause a permanent reduction in lung function, lung irritation, and a buildup of unwanted morphine pill binder compounds in lung tissue.
Snorting Morphine

Snorting is a method of introducing morphine to the body through the mucus membranes of the nose and mouth.

However, as a person continues to snort drugs they will continuously damage their nasal structures leading to health effects such as:

frequent, severe nose bleeds
permanent loss of smell
perforation of the nasal cavity (formation of a hole in the septum between your nostrils)
perforation of the upper palate (formation of a hole in the top of your mouth)
Plugging Morphine

However, rectal administration greatly increases the bioavailability of morphine (the potency of the dose) compared to oral administration.

For this reason, although less common than other methods of abuse, there are individuals who choose to ‘plug’ morphine in order to get high.

Unfortunately, this increase in potency comes with significant health risks, especially without others nearby who can summon medical help if overdose occurs.


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